Friday, September 28, 2012

In the news

Many times there are lots of 'news stories' that come through my Facebook newsfeed that border on the outlandish and if it's from a website I don't know or haven't heard of I tend to ignore it.  However recently one popped up and after reading the unbelievable headline, I saw it was from CNN....ok, good enough for me.

Did you see it?  "Secret revealed: Ohio woman unknowingly married father".  This is definitely a story I would have completely ignored had it not been posted on CNN.  So I had to go read it for myself.  If you missed the story, go read it here.

How in the world does this happen?!  For one, this is a reason that we are so open and honest with Gracie about her being adopted.  Because keeping secrets can be destroying.  It can hurt lives.  Look at what it did to this lady.  Can you even begin to imagine??  Marrying your father?  Now....if that isn't something to cause you to be depressed and have all kinds of illnesses like this poor woman, nothing is!

While the things I've dealt with from others and their opinions are probably nothing compared to what this lady has, I feel like I can relate somewhat.  One thing she said stands out:  "I can't do anything about what they think. I just know what I think. God is always mighty, and he teaches you to tell the truth no matter what."

See, this lady came forth with the truth...something that most people would want to hide and not tell a order to try to help someone else who might be going through or have gone through it.  Sure it's on a different level and about something so much 'more' than anything I could ever say.....but this has always been my feelings too.....share, share, share so others know they are not alone and that someone else understands.

She did an amazing thing that took so much guts if you ask me and yet when asked about response to her story she said it has been mixed....more positive than negative.  But that means the negative is there.  People have said her secrets should remain secret.  Really?  And who are they to decide that?  And who are they to think it's ok to say that?  Hasn't she been through enough?

I wonder if people told this brave woman that she needed help.  Did they tell her she's just looking for pity by sharing her story?  Did they tell her she needed to get over it?  I really hope not but I've learned that life....and people....are not kind and they sure aren't fair.

I pray for this sweet woman and I thank God for her faith that shows through in this article.  I can't imagine have gone through what she has and being able to talk about it to the world.....and then getting those less than kind comments spoken back.  She deserves love and compassion and understanding.  I hope she has lots of those kinds of people in her life.....those that hold her up instead of pull her down.

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